Dubia Roaches

Dubia (Blaptica dubia) are superior feeders and are rapidly becoming the most popular feeder insect. They are high in protein, do not jump or fly, have minimal odor, and a long-life span. We do not guarantee a specific count but guarantee the weight of the product purchased. All counts are approximate. We ship more weight than ordered to cover any DOA’s or undersized Dubia. Small orders are usually cupped, and larger orders are placed in a fabric bag inside of the shipping box. Dust with calcium powder before feeding.

Nutritional facts

  • Moisture 66%
  • Protein 23%
  • Fat 7%
  • Ash 1%
  • Fiber 3%

Note: Due to state laws we are not able to ship Dubia Roaches to Florida. If you place an order for Dubia and have them shipped to Florida, you will be refunded and the items will not be shipped.